Social Activities

  • Shri Yash Paul Gupta is working to rehabilitate physically challenged persons since 1992. His intrest towards social society started from childhood since 1957. He works in different organisations at different designations and responsibilities. He started a Viklang Sahayata Kendra at Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana, where he gave artificial limbs to more than 32000 Polio affected handicapped, legs, Arms amputees, wheel chair & tricycles to those who can not walk hearing aids to the hard hearing persons till date.
  • He started training centre for physically handicapped person in which Computer Training, Stitching Embroidery Training, Leather Stitching, Canning, Electrical Repair and Chalk & Duster Making etc. etc. & started giving govt helps like handicapped certificates, Pension Pass, Railway & Bus Passes etc. By this way he gave his service a more than 20 thousand persons till date.
    He did Ludhiana & Jalandhar a Viklangta Mukt Dist where D.C.'s of Ludhiana & Jalandhar gave Appreciation Certificates to Sh. Yash Paul Gupta.
  • He started a polio surgery hospital in memory of Sh. Hari Bassi (Moonlight Auto, Ludhiana) where polio patients are operated for the last four years. Where more than 1800 polio patients are successfully operated. All above services are given to free of cost to the beneficiary.
  •  He was awarded by President of India SH. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM on 3rd Dec. 2004 & FICCI National Awards by Prime Minister of India DR. MANMOHAN SINGH on 8th Jan. 2007 for his selfless services to the handicapped persons.

  • He started a POLY CLINIC namely KAHAN CHAND AGGARWAL BVP POLY CLINIC in which under one row treatments given to the patients with different medical facilities like: Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Physiotherapy, Accupressure, Accupuncture, Sunzok Therapy, Nature cure, Laughing therapy, Ayurveda and also started a diagnostic centre, mobile dispensary (which serves in slum areas of Ludhiana city) etc.
  • He overall developed a village Mohbatpur in Hissar Distt. of Haryana, Where all Roads, Streets were made Pucca, meditional & other plants on roads & street sides electricity on Roads & Streets, Cleanliness of all the village, Education to the needy girls & old persons, total villages in one colors etc.This village got The best developed village of Haryanas by president of india in the year 2008.
  • He started a hostel (Ashram) at Kotkapura (Punjab) in 1984 for the children of leprosy families where he gave residential accommodation to the children of leprosy persons, who are not leprosy by birth. By this way the children of these families stopped bagging & started serving their families after there studies & working in there own capacity.
  • He is working selflessly for whole community in many other fields like:-
    • He is National Secretary of Bharat Vikas Parishad (development of slum areas of urban and villeges of all over India) & so many other social organizations.
    • He settled one trust namely Bharat Vikas Parishad Charitable Trust, Punjab, Ludhiana where he is settler trusty & Secretary
    • He is the founder of Ludhiana Iron Sheet Traders Association, Ludhiana.
    • He is Gen Secy. of Pujab, Vishav Mangal Gau Gram Yatra where he has planned to serve our Gau Mata.