Colour Coated



We deals in innovative and exciting product, namely colour coated sheets called Polysteel, in a variety of shades and designs, such as dark or pastel, printed or plain and striped or embossed. These Polysteel sheets are painted after galvanizing and apart from creating a stunning visual impact, bring numerous advantages to end user industries. Polysteel building sheets, for instance, make it possible to design and construct your choice of beautiful structures, save on structural steel and maintenance, and obtain overall cost effectiveness.

Polysteel is a premium cold rolled steel sheet coated with zinc in a continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line and subsequently given multiple layers of organic coatings in a continuous Coil Coating Line with a Reverse Roller Coating Process. Polysteel conforms to IS:14246:95 and other equivalent international standards and thus, the buyer is assured of the best quality product.


Polysteel is durable, cost-effective and easy to install and use. Hence, it proves to be a versatile product for various applications. It is virtually a ready-to-use product that can be cut, bent, pressed, drilled, roll formed, lock-seamed and joined, all without damaging the surface or the substrate.

This product is available in various forms, namely roll formed panels, trapezoidal profiles, corrugated sheets, plain sheets. Moreover, it is available in a variety of grades, colours and forms to meet specific customer requirements.


  • High tensile steel now available till 550 Mpa UTS.
  • Special formulations used for chemical pre-treatment and coatings ensure a long life and exterior durability.
  • A precision finish that is uniform in colour, gloss, texture and film thickness.
  • Superior designs and surface finish otherwise not obtainable.
  • Flexibilty of gauge, width, grade and surface finish.

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